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Episode 1: the secret of clock(part 2)

A long time passed, but Edward did not get any news of his brother Watson.Because of this,Edward wrote a complaint about the disappearance of his brother Watson to the police station.Even after trying after a long time, Watson was not found by the police. Edward was very worried.Because of this, he published the news of his brother’s disappearance in the newspaper.

A man took a parcel and rang the doorbell of the house of the heroes of our story, Rohan and Alex.Then Alex opened the door and took the parcel.Alex took the parcel to Rohan.When Rohan opened the parcel there was a clock in it,When Rohan took out that clock, there was a mark behind that clock.


On seeing this mark, Alex remembered that he had seen that mark somewhere before.Alex remembered that he had seen this mark on the poster of the magic show of the famous magician Edward.

Rohan found it strange that a magician must have sent the clock queue.Then the newspaper man brought the newspaper When Rohan read the newspaper, he came to know that Edward’s brother Watson was missing.

Rohan thought that maybe because of this Edward must have sent the parcel.What did Rohan do, “He could have sent the clock cue bad letter too.”

Then Alex said, “He must have sent the clock to a magician.”

They both got ready and Edward went to meet.

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