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Alpha,beta,gamma particle?

1)Alpha particle Any atom that has 2 protons and 2 neutrons in its atomic center.That atom is called an alpha particle.The nucleus of an alpha particle is similar to the nucleus of helium. 2)beta particle High energy and high speed electrons and positrons are called beta particles. Positron can also be called antielectron.Positron is aવાંચન ચાલુ રાખો “Alpha,beta,gamma particle?”


=>What is mathematics? Mathematics is a set of disciplines that study numbers, quantities, quantities, forms and their relationships, properties, nature, etc. Mathematics is an abstract and deductive system. => Where is math needed? Mathematics is useful in physics, in the field of engineering and in many places. =>When was mathematics born? Beginning in the 6thવાંચન ચાલુ રાખો “Mathematics”

Episode 1: the secret of clock(part 2)

A long time passed, but Edward did not get any news of his brother Watson.Because of this,Edward wrote a complaint about the disappearance of his brother Watson to the police station.Even after trying after a long time, Watson was not found by the police. Edward was very worried.Because of this, he published the news ofવાંચન ચાલુ રાખો “Episode 1: the secret of clock(part 2)”

Saspense story

This story is for entertainment only. It does not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.All the characters in this story are fictional and have nothing to do with reality. The main characters in our story are Rohan and Alex.Rohan is a detective and Alex is Rohan’s friend.Alex is a reporter. So he also works with Rohanવાંચન ચાલુ રાખો “Saspense story”


What is physics? Humans have always been curious about the world around them. From time immemorial, celestial objects shining in the night sky have been enchanting him. The regular recurrence of day and night, the annual cycle of seasons, eclipses, tides, volcanoes, rainbows have always been the source of his wonder. There is an astonishingવાંચન ચાલુ રાખો “Physics”