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Saspense story

This story is for entertainment only. It does not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.All the characters in this story are fictional and have nothing to do with reality.

The main characters in our story are Rohan and Alex.Rohan is a detective and Alex is Rohan’s friend.Alex is a reporter. So he also works with Rohan in the case.

Episod 1:The secret of the clock (part 1)

At the beginning of the story, A man named Watson goes to see his older brother Edward because he has heard that his brother is about to be attacked. So he goes to alert his brother.

Edward is a famous magician, when Watson is a short distance from his brother’s house when suddenly the lights go out.So he doesn’t understand “what should I do now”.

Because when the light was on, no one noticed.When the light went out, he shouted to his face, “Someone is listening to me.”

Then after a while a stranger turns the light on his face,Then the stranger asks him, “Who are you and why are you here?”

Watson then tells him why he’s here.

The man then asks her to come with him.(Watson goes to his brother’s house after a long time so he doesn’t have a definite idea of his brother’s house So the man shows Watson a bungalow from a distance and says, “This is Edward’s bungalow.”

Watson then walks over to the bungalow and stands at the door of the bungalow and rings the dorbell.Watson told his brother he was at his home .Suddenly the light comes on and it is attacked And he has been caught by some strangers.

Page no.1

The new part will come soon.


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