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What is physics?

Humans have always been curious about the world around them. From time immemorial, celestial objects shining in the night sky have been enchanting him. The regular recurrence of day and night, the annual cycle of seasons, eclipses, tides, volcanoes, rainbows have always been the source of his wonder. There is an astonishing variety of matter and life and behavior in the world. Man has been reacting to such wonders and wonders of nature in different ways with his imaginative and inquisitive mind. One of the responses of human beings has been to observe the physical environment around them. Creating and utilizing new useful resources to find meaningful patterns and relationships in natural phenomena and to interact with nature. From time to time such human endeavors have led to modern science and technology.


He was born in 287 B.C. in Greek, and died in 212 B.C.

He was a greek mathematician, physicist,engineer,astronomer and inventor.

The principle of lifting, the principle of lifting is the contribution of their importance.


=>Galileo Galilei

The birth of Galileo 15 February 1564,pisa,italy

Who observe the situation around them and present that observation

He descoverd Ganymeda,Europa,lo,Callisto,Rings of saturn.

Galileo Galilei

The law of inertia is the contribution of their importance.